Olive Grove, olive oil seminar tour in a traditional Greek village

Special Tour 3,5 hours duration
Traditional Culinary Tastings Tour Guide: Anna

Description: This tour starts by presenting the olive oil production and is followed by a walk in the olive grove where olive trees grow under the Greek sun. You will touch and smell the trees, learn about different olive varieties and the olive tree itself such as it’s long life and cultivation but also picking techniques. A picnic awaits with delicious local delicacies under an ancient olive tree, just like the olive pickers used to eat during harvest. Our second part of the tour is a stroll through a traditional Greek village relaxing and enjoying the moments. We take time in catching the sounds, sights and smells. We will walk by olive trees, chestnuts, walnut trees and typical village Greek houses. Our final stop is a restored house from the 1850s where, under the sound of an old gramophone, you will learn the secrets of olive oil. An expert olive oil connoisseur will guide you through the steps of olive oil tasting where you will learn to recognize the aromas of fresh fruit and to appreciate the smooth bitter taste and spicy sensation in an olive oil. You will have the possibility to discuss the health and other benefits of using olive oil while enjoying a light snack. Come join us for a once in a lifetime experience!

This experience is provided only upon request. Please contact us through email infofoodphilosophy@gmail.com, or fill in the form to the right.


3,5 hours – transport not included – call us for quotes

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Available: this tour is only available upon request, call us or send us an email

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