Exclusive Olive Oil Tasting Experience and 4 Course Dinner

Daily Tour 3,5 hours
Traditional Culinary Tastings Tour Guide: Anna

Expert olive oil connoisseur accompanying you through a culinary exclusive experience with olive oil.

Take part in this tour and learn all about Kalamata olive oil and olives. Experience the aroma and taste of olive oil while indulging in a 4-course dinner at a local high end restaurant. The expert olive oil connoisseur will guide you through the steps of olive oil tasting. Learn to recognize the aromas of fresh fruit and to appreciate the smooth bitter taste and spicy sensation in an olive oil. Discuss the health and cooking benefits of using olive oil. Savour the original character of Kalamata olives. Become a savvy purchaser of olive oil and olives. After the olive oil and olive tasting experience, we will delight you with an exclusive dinner at a private room of the restaurant during which you will discover how olive oil can transform a dish. With only local ingredients, most of them organically produced, and the finishing touch of olive oil extraordinary changes will happen to your taste buds!

Do you want to become an olive oil connoisseur yourself and present your new skills at your own dinner party at home? This is the tour for you!

This experience is provided only upon request. Call us or send an email at infofoodphilosophy@gmail.com, to discuss availability. Alternatively, you can fill in the form to the right with your request.

Minimum number of participants 4.

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