About Food Philosophy

Sofia and Dimitris – a couple who love food, travelling and experiencing new things, while meeting new people.

We wanted the people who would visit Greece and particularly Kalamata, to experience food and our culture, as we do each day. One day this thought came to our mind over a glass of Greek red wine – why not share these experiences with other people?

Food in Greece surrounds every aspect of our lives, meeting a friend for coffee will end up eating in a restaurant, going out for shopping leads to a ready-to-go-souvlaki, the morning coffee is accompanied by a Lallagi. Our culture is impregnated with the love for food and the love of good company and conversation.

We as FoodPhilosophy and as Sofia and Dimitris, have travelled extensively, met people in our paths, explored Greece as much as possible and we want to offer this experience to our guests. This is the backbone and principles of FoodPhilosophy and we cannot wait to share this with you!


Company information:
Athens, Greece
Γ.Ε.ΜΗ nr: 145409403000


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